Bottom!Derek (Sterek) Fic Masterlist!


Updated: 05/23/2013
Total: 261 fics

These are all the Sterek fics featuring bottom!Derek I could find. Please, if you know of any other fanfic with Derek bottoming for Stiles, let me know so I can add it to the list! :D

  1. Mayor Awesome by starbeast. Explicit. 2934 words. Stiles handcuffs Derek to his bed. Fill for prompt: ”I want you to fuck me.” bottom!Derek. 
  2. A Little Less (Conversation) by space0bongo. Mature. 1546 words. 'It starts with a conversation. Actually it probably started with more than one conversation but Scott had been too wrapped up in Alison to notice the ones before (he’s man enough to admit it; he’s whipped and it’s the best feeling in the world). ' The story where Scott is a dirty little voyeur…
  3. Why Do You Care? by StereKDestiel. Explicit. 3365 words. Part of the Top!Stiles’ Adventure series. Actions at the pool confuses Derek and he confronts him to find out why Stiles would risk his life like that for him.
  4. Role Reversal by StereKDestiel. Explicit. 7295 words. WIP. Derek nearly gets Stiles killed, and it wrecks him emotionally. He disappears from Beacon Hills for six years. When he returns, he finds out that much has changed, especially Stiles, who has become the Alpha of the pack, even though he’s a human.
  5. Nine Times Out of Ten by lielabell. Explicit. 4613 words. Part 2 of the Mating Habbits series. Nine times out of ten, Stiles is the one being pushed back on the bed with his head tilted back to expose his neck. Nine times out of ten, Stiles’s legs are the ones that are spread, his hands are the ones that grip the sheets. Nine times out of ten, Stiles gasps and moans and arches up into Derek’s touch, Stiles’s thighs grip at Derek’s hips; Stiles’s feet lock together behind Derek’s back. Nine times out of ten, Stiles takes and takes and takes and loves every single second of it. But the tenth time … The tenth time is different.
  6. Take my Twist with a Shout by toomuchgawking. Explicit. 2889 words. Derek thinks that Stiles might enjoy topping the first time they have sex. Stiles is a little blindsided by how much he agrees.
  7. Anatomy of a Werewolf by idyll. Explicit. 1533 words. Written for a prompt by descendingspiral on Tumblr, who asked for: Stiles needs to focus on studying for his Anatomy class. Derek volunteers his body.
  8. Bank Windows by Moonbeam. Explicit. 2236 words. All human banking AU smut. Derek is a bank manager and Stiles is an irate customer. Best way to solve the problem? Sex against a window!
  9. First Snow by MoonbeamExplicit. 26341 words. In the future Stiles and Derek finally get together. One night Stiles wakes Derek up because it is snowing, they spend the following week enjoying the snow like Stiles did with his mum as Derek and Stiles try to move further in their relationship as the past keeps coming back to make it harder.
  10. When He Walked through the door by MoonbeamExplicit. 2441 words. Derek is an accountant, who comes home from work looking so hot Stiles kicks everyone out of the house to have his wicked way with him. Bottom!Derek. 
  11. And I never left the bed by MoonbeamExplicit. 2402 words.Sequel To – When He Walked Through The Door. Last night Stiles attacked Derek when he came home from work, this morning he is going to tie him to the bed and take horrid advantage of him. Bottom!Derek.
  12. Turnabout rocks my socks, and pants, off by Moonbeam. Explicit. 2281 words. The morning after the night before, sequel to Sometimes The Smell Of You Makes Me Crazy. Now with bottom!Derek.
  13. Laws of Christmas by Boy_On_Strings. Explicit. 24704 words. Everyone gathers for a Christmas party, but Lydia has some surprising rules she plans to enforce. Scott and Jackson get a little bit closer, while Allison and Lydia share a surprising moment. Finally, Derek asks Stiles to do something he never thought he would.
  14. How our bodies even got here by discreetmath. Explicit. 3082 words. Stiles would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous to be here with Derek for the first time, but it’s just them. There’s no way it can be anything but awesome.
  15. Human like thinking by nature-calls. Mature.  Derek’s human side finds itself oddly curious as to what being a bottom is like. The alpha not so much.
  16. Melting in your vice dreams by hito. Explicit. 7445 words. Written last month for derekstiles. Scott and Stiles accidentally discover Derek’s secret New York career in porn.
  17. I’m betting this wasn’t beta tested by dancinbutterfly. Explicit. 7870 words. Derek is thrown into a violent heat in the wake of Lydia and Peter’s actions at the end of Party Guessed. Debilitated by his own needs, Derek reaches out to Stiles, the only person he wants and can hope to trust.
  18. (Won’t) Let me hold you down by dizzzyluExplicit. 4443 words. This thing with Derek, Stiles knows, is all about trust.
  19. In your veins by Dream_tempoExplicit. 4331 words. Stiles is a Fae and can heal other supernatural beings through sex. Derek is the only one the pack that refuses his help when he needs it. Until now that is…
  20. Climb by hiasobi_writesExplicit. 3005 words. They stare at each other from across the entryway, equally stunned, before Derek’s eyes dilate and Stiles realizes just how monumental a bad idea this may have been. (Or, the one where Stiles plays with wolfsbane and it doesn’t do what he expected it to.)
  21. Taking off the edges by ArkExplicit. 8797 words. Scott’s regard turning completely away hurts more than the wounded, incredulous eyeballing. He’s bright red to the tips of his ears, and his hands are balled up tight into fists. “Tell me what the hell you were going to tell me, then,” Scott says. He’s not looking at Stiles anymore, so Derek’s the one who answers. “That we’re paired,” says Derek, calmly and decisively, from over Stiles’s shoulder.
  22. Hyper heart alone byhitoExplicit. 34570 words. When Stiles returns home to help his father recover from an injury, he discovers that things have changed somewhat in his absence: Derek is working closely with Stiles’ father, around the house and underfoot, generally annoying and disconcerting Stiles with his presence. Well, Stiles isn’t sure you could call all the sex they end up having annoying, but he isn’t really willing to call it anything else, either.
  23. The ETA from you to me by shutupbolinskiExplicit. 105038 words. In which Derek drives a tow truck and Stiles is the weekend dispatcher who attempts to woo him with his lack of a brain-to-mouth filter and affinity for run-on sentences.
  24. Roll Over by celestialintent & discreetmathExplicit4620 words.  As the alpha, Derek shouldn’t want to submit to anybody. He pretends he doesn’t know what it means, then, when he can’t stop thinking about Stiles taking whatever he wants.(Note: Derek penetrates but Stiles is in charge the whole time.)
  25. Advanced Vocabulary by LolaFeist. Explicit4425 words. “Why do you like me?” Derek asks as he folds his shirt and drops it onto Stiles’ computer chair. “For your body,” Stiles says.
  26. You saw me standing alone by breenwolf. Explicit43947 words. A pack of alpha werewolves is burning a war path through Beacon Hills; Stiles shouldn’t have the luxury of trying to get laid. 
  27. I’m not needy, but I enjoy intimacy…. by Reene_LouExplicit. 1114 words. It’s not one of those relationships fused with hand holding or furious PDA’s they don’t go on dates or drive people crazy with their declarations of love. It’s quiet and subdued and something Stiles’ never thought he’d be able to be, let alone have.
  28. Of moments in time and random words byMoonbeam. Explicit. 9395 words. 10 Word Random Word Generator Challenge. Little snippets into Derek & Stiles’ life in the Growling ‘Verse.
  29. It’s in my bloodstream by Hermia. Mature.17415 words. Fuck or Die.   Derek’s been injected with yet another altered strain of wolfsbane, and Deaton delivers a bit of “bad” news. He’s the only person who can save Derek’s life. And even then, the method is very specific. Neither of them are ready for that step, but necessity drives them to do the deed, if only to keep Derek alive for long enough to actually be together. Afterwards there’s nothing to make up for in the aftermath, but he’s convinced he ought to do something.   
  30. What’s held on our shoulders by maroonbananaExplicit8458 words.  Derek drops Stiles off at school, and this attracts the unwanted attention and harassment of some kid. He exploits Stiles’ greatest insecurity, has him asking questions about his relationship with Derek that he never had before.
  31. You better stick to the paths, you better stay safe… by Reene_LouTeen And Up Audiences. 682 words. Little Red Riding Hood… But all is not as it seems.
  32. Host by BitchFaceSamExplicit. 1267 words. Demon!Stiles. Derek notices the instant Stiles changes.
  33. Hypothetically: Wolfsbane by JenNovaExplicit. 7086 words. “So,” Stiles says, resting his elbows on his knees and settling his chin in his hands. “Hypothetical then: one of you guys gets dosed with some sex wolfsbane – how do we deal with it?”
  34. In spite of all you knew and said by Azul_Bleu. Mature. 2700 words. Background character deaths (everyone but Stiles, Derek and Papa Stilinski. No, really. Everyone. Off scene bloodbath, people.) The road streams behind them, mile upon mile until Stiles can’t say where they even started, and Stiles talks so he won’t have to remember. Or, Derek and Stiles deal with being the ones left behind. They’re not great at it. (Set post an imaginary S3, where the Alphas win. Spectacularly)
  35. Tear me apart, make me lose myself by furandfeathersExplicit. 1819 words. Even after the witches’ death they still know how to cause trouble.
  36. I’ll just entertain myself by entanglednow. Explicit. 2942 words. Stiles is really bad at sitting still once he’s got an idea in his head.
  37. Muérdago by starbolinExplicit. 17674 words. "Mistletoe was often considered a pest that kills trees and devalues natural habitats, but was recently recognized as an ecological keystone species, an organism that has a disproportionately pervasive influence over its community. In Norse myth, an arrow made of mistletoe was the only thing that was able to kill the god Balder. The goddess Frigg had asked all other things to vow not to hurt Balder, but she had ignored the mistletoe because it seemed too small to be dangerous."
  38. Three Beautiful Words (Please Help Me) by trieduntureExplicit. 5299 words. The Alpha Pack pumps Derek full of a rare form of wolfsbane that makes him ache to be claimed. Only a non-wolf can get it out of his system while keeping his Alpha status intact. Good thing Stiles is such a stand up guy.
  39. Three More Words (I’m Here Now) by trieduntureExplicit. 4308 words. Sequel to: Three Beautiful Words (Please Help Me). After Stiles helps Derek through a wolfsbane-induced fuck-or-die situation, Derek finds himself at the Stilinski residence with a hot shower waiting for him. But all he wants is sleep. And all his body wants is his true form…and more of Stiles.
  40. Three Last Words (Oh Shut Up) by trieduntureExplicit. 4590 words. Sequel to Three More Words (I’m Here Now). Derek has attained his trueform, which, yay! But Stiles hasn’t gotten a moment alone with him since their weird wolfsbane adventure and the aftermath in the shower, so, boo. But when Derek visits in the middle of the night in his wolf’s clothing, Stiles is intrigued by the possibilities. There are hints of bestiality (sexual touching while Derek is in his wolf shape).
  41. Claiming a Submissive Pack (Working Title) by ract46Explicit. BDSM warnings. 19345 words. In a world where most people don’t know about werewolves, and other supernatural creatures, what happens when a sixteen year old dominant human boy finds a tall, dark, broody, handsome, sexy Beta male werewolf submitting to him…
  42. More Than Just a Leitmotif, More Chaotic, No Relief by Velocity_Owl87Explicit. MPREG. 26767 words. Derek was never meant to be the Alpha and was raised to embrace his role as a Breeder for whatever Pack he was sent off to. But after the Fire and Laura’s death, that was pushed into the background and almost forgotten by everyone. But with the Alpha Pack in town and Scott’s defection, Derek’s heat comes into full effect and the only logical choice is to have Stiles come and watch Derek. The problem was that they didn’t count on Stiles triggering Derek’s biological imperatives and now the pack and everyone else has to deal with an incapacitated Derek, a Reluctant Alpha Stiles and a pack closing in too fast.
  43. Heaven Can Be So Boring by writesstuff. Mature. 11923 words. Demon!Stiles and Angel!Derek. Except Derek’s not so much an angel anymore, and Stiles…Stiles isn’t a great demon.
  44. This Now, Semantics Later by LenoreExplicit. M/M/M. Sterek/Boyd. Dub-Con. 5018 words."What’s wrong with Derek?" Then a possibility occurs to him, because he’s Googled everything the Internet has to offer about werewolves, and the results have included some profoundly embarrassing erotic fiction. "Oh my God, do you think he could be in heat?"
  45. And Believe me, You by BoysShouldKissBoysMoreExplicit. 2470 words. Part 2 of the Let’s Talk About Sex series. It’s tender and thick, wrought with more emotion than Derek has let himself have in a long time.
  46. If Tables Are Turned by alchemyExplicit.3944 words. One minute they’d all been talking in deeply nostalgic tones about graduation and the next, Stiles had somehow been expounding on the details of his sex life and defending his ability to top his alpha boyfriend. Hours later, he’s still trying to figure out how one bridged to the other.
  47. Old Bones, Familiar Skeleton by Hermia. Mature. WIP. 18072 words. It’s a twist of the knife. Not only has the South American pack left Stiles gutted, but sending him back seventeen years is a master stroke. Without Derek’s mate to pick up the pieces, the pack is lost and without a leader. They’ll fall one after the other. And after two years of living without him, once he sees Derek again, will Stiles be willing to go back at all?
  48. Happy Endings by kototyphExplicit. 2761 words. Stiles is a masseur, and very good at what he does. Derek was not expecting this.
  49. For Life bythea_zara. Mature. WIP. 26541 words. There are two uses in werewolf hierarchy for the Alpha Beta Omega status. Leadership and sexuality. Derek may be a leading Alpha, but he’s also a sexual Omega.
  50. Indecisive by HaberneroExplicit. 3013 words. For the prompt: Derek leaks a copious amount of pre-come when he’s aroused, practically a steady stream of liquid. Stiles’ favorite thing to do is put a cock-ring on Derek and suck on his cock, tonguing the slit and slurping down pre-come until Derek’s so desperate to come it hurts. Derek loves it too because by the time Stiles is ready for him to come he’s so desperate he gets to fuck his throat hard.
  51. Hypothetically: Potion by JenNovaExplicit. Sex Pollen. 9415 words. “Potion,” Stiles says, his eyes clearing as he focuses on Derek. “In a cup.”
  52. When Laura Met Stiles by SilverYaoiHellionMature. WIP. 10277 words. Since her death, Laura Hale’s worry for her little brother has kept her from moving on into the afterlife. So she’s been around, watching her brother crumble before her eyes unable to do anything; at least until she finally gets to know one Stiles Stilinski, and maybe then, she can finally take her brother’s wellbeing into her intangible hands.
  53. This Time With Feeling by Crimson1Explicit. 36132 words. "Derek Hale, if you refuse to learn from your past…then you will be doomed to repeat it." In which Derek is turned into a 16-year-old and has to stay with Stiles until they figure out how to turn him back. Eventual slash and smut, set post season 2, semi-AU.
  54. You Are The Spark, You Are The Darkness by the_rat_winsExplicit. Major Character Death (before the story). 3532 words.When Derek Hale and his parents move to Beacon Hills, Stiles finally gets what he’s been missing. An American Horror Story-style AU.
  55. Captive by homeExplicit. Rape/Non-Con. 4782 words. A team of doctors, nurses and scientists have created a compound in which werewolves stand no chance. Their most recent subject catches the eye of a young doctor, causing him to rethink everything he thought he knew.
  56. Won’t You Be My Mate? by Unloyal_Olio. 6228 words. Derek could just ask, but he’s not very good at that. Better to demonstrate.
  57. Chasing Happiness by SilverYaoiHellion. Not Rated. MPREG. Non-Con. OOC.  1808 words.All the lead Alpha wanted was the continuation of her diminishing pack; she came into Beacon Hills not to kill and torture, at least that wasn’t the main intention, but to find the rare barer she heard so much about. So, she makes a deal with Derek, either he submits to all of her sons and gives them to cubs that they so desperately need; or she’ll have her sons ravage all of Beacon Hills and leave no survivors.
  58. all’s fair in love and war (but that doesn’t mean either of us wins) by CallMeBombshellExplicit. 2794 words. There’s something about Stiles here, in Derek’s rooms, the fading light of Helios’s flaming chariot shining gold and red across Stiles’ face. The grin stretching his mouth is sly and amused, eyes burning hot and dark as he stares at Derek. There’s challenge in his gaze, a taunt in the twist of his lips: they both know how this goes.
  59. Oh What These Headlights Have Seen by pterawatersExplicit.2820 words. Derek’s boss is spoiled, demanding, and far too attractive. Or, the one where Derek is a mechanic and Stiles owns lots of cars.
  60. Trouble by pterawatersExplicit. 4864 words. There’s a part of Derek that he hates most of all - it’s only caused him trouble. He pushes people away and finds a workaround and it’s fine, until the day Stiles goes searching through his things.
  61. And The Sugar Don’t Stop by HymnExplicit. 2974 words. It wasn’t that Stiles objected to Derek having a girlfriend. It was just that he objected to Derek having a girlfriend who wasn’t him.
  62. Not Enough Postage by ecarianExplicit. 5247 words. Derek doesn’t know how to ask for things in bed.
  63. Tied Up By Your Love by darkangel86Explicit. 1493 words. Stiles decides to have some fun with his lover, hoping it doesn’t end up killing them both.
  64. Tell Me All Your Secrets (I Keep Them In Heart and Mouth) by BoysShouldKissBoysMoreTeen And Up Audiences. 547 words. Stiles leans into the touch. “Was it awkward masturbating in a house full of werewolves?” He asks, as he does, so impulsive but genuinely interested.
  65. A Californian Werewolf in New York by  & Explicit. 16314 words. When Derek finally realizes that there’s nothing left for him in Beacon Hills, he goes back to New York, gets a life, falls in love and finds his home. (A podfic/fanfic collaboration)
  66. You Make My Heart Beat (Faster) by lady_ragnellExplicit. 2611 words. Stiles listens to Derek’s heart. Warnings: light medical kink, brief references to violence and past character death.
  67. The Skies Above Are Blue by GreensilverMature. WIP. AU. 61444 words. Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.
  68. Without by millionthlineExplicit. 2982 words. Derek finds out that his family’s lycanthropy is actually a curse put on his bloodline from generations ago, and someone has just broken it. After having run into an aspiring dancer and performer with hidden, magical depths, he finds himself looking for more than just finding away to put a secret curse back into his family tree.
  69. It’s a break, not a vacation by dancinbutterflyExplicit. Sequel to A Californian Werewolf In New York. WIP. 4296 words. The anniversary of the fire sneaks up on Derek. So he follows his instinct and leaves Manhattan to get to the one thing he really needs to survive the worst week of the year, Stiles. Unfortunately, that puts him in Beacon Hills - the worst place he could possibly be at the worst possible time. Yeah, Derek didn’t really think this through.
  70. Exceeds Expectations by Captain_LokiExplicit. 1411 words. Stiles had had greater let downs in his life…But losing his virginity to Derek Hale was still ranked atop a decently long list.
  71. The Way I feel by eliseraExplicit. 10332 words. “Okay, go away,” Stiles says loudly to make sure that Scott and Erica can hear him over Derek’s growling. His hands are so slick with blood, he keeps fumbling his keys, barely managing to unlock the Jeep and get out his emergency duffel. “Leave him the fuck alone for a bit.”“We’ll go and take care of the corpse,” Scott says, taking the duffel out of his hands and unzipping it for him. He holds out a towel to Stiles, looks him up and down. “You’re sure you’re fine?”“It’s not my blood,” Stiles snaps, wiping down his hands, arms. Fuck, even his face and throat are slick with it and he really, really wants it off. Derek keeps circling them, eyes fixed on Stiles and his body’s still trying to shift back onto four feet, the bones and muscles bulging outwards against his skin and Stiles has no idea why Derek’s freaking out this badly.
  72. Mutual Domestication by itachitachi. Explicit. 560 words. Stiles has never done this before. But he is definitely going to do it again.
  73. His Great Submission by ChelseaJay. Explicit. 2127 words. Derek and Stiles have a night to themselves.
  74. Hunger by bigboobedcanuckExplicit. 2918 words. There are no vampires in Beacon Hills. Until now. “Let him go.” Derek manages to keep his voice steady, although he’s aiming for cold and detached. “I’m the one you want. He’s just a human. What can he do for you?”
  75. I’m sorry for all the nipples by wearing_tearing. Mature. 5076 words. When Stiles gives Isaac a strawberry cake with the words I’m sorry for all the nipples written in pink frosting on top of it, he can’t find it in himself to feel sorry at all.
  76. Thank you for my sex life by wearing_tearing. Explicit. 6630 words. Later that week when Stiles gifts Scott with the biggest chocolate cake he can find - the words thank you for my sex life written across it - he can’t help but think that maybe he should listen to Scott more often.
  77. Like Falling by wearing_tearing. Mature. 13191 words. In which Laura kills herself on the five-year anniversary of the Hale fire, Stiles convinces Derek to take him on a road trip, some things feel like falling, and everyone gets more than they bargained for.
  78. Mountain Ash by bolinski. Explicit. 1423 words. Stiles uses mountain ash and leather to tame his alpha.
  79. Knotting A Hale by stilesandsourwolf. Explicit. 1337 words. Just a quick little fic-let i typed up the other day, thought you all might like it.
  80. Pearly White by hellafab. Mature. 1635 words. Stiles draws a line. Since people wanted more of my porn star AU and this idea wouldn’t stop bouncing around my head making me laugh at really inopportune moments, I decided to write this. I honestly hate rimming and think it’s gross so the smut in this is kind of robotic and I apologise. Ugh anyway I have other ideas for this verse so I know I’ll be writing more.
  81. Redditus by Evadere. Mature. 2125 words. Scott was the one afraid of becoming Derek Hale, but it’s Stiles that’s all alone now, with no family to keep him company, in an empty shell of a house. (Implied spoilers for Episode 2.09)
  82. Kick at the Darkness ‘Til It Bleeds Daylight by the_deep_magic. Explicit. 4169 words. Stiles will never forget the day Derek first shoved the brand-new leather straps into his hands, mumbling a question Stiles couldn’t quite understand because all he heard was the unspoken I’ve never trusted anyone else with this. Stiles is sure he probably gaped like a fish for a full minute before throwing his arms around Derek and promising him anything he wanted, whenever he wanted it.
  83. Roads That Don’t End [This Is How We Love] by asilentmurder. Mature. 19008 words. Derek meets Erica at a bar while the band she works for is on tour, and she offers him a job after firing Greenburg that morning. He becomes a roadie, helping set up the stage every day in a new city. He can’t help but watch the vocalist, Stiles, onstage with interest.
  84. Tell Me You Don’t Fantasize About Me by ColetheWolf. Explicit. 2633 words. Derek stumbles onto a stash of porno magazines in Stiles bedroom while they wait for Danny to come over and trace a text. One thing leads to another and Derek gladly bottoms out for Stiles.
  85. Track My Every Movement by derekstilinski. Explicit. 6660 words. Derek has had a lot of problems with his past, especially centered around sex. Over the years, Stiles has helped him through so much, and this is a big test of everything they’ve worked on.
  86. A Vision of Ecstasy by countmeawake. Explicit. 26476 words. It’s the first week of summer vacation, and Stiles is in his favourite library on the second floor, brushing up on his History because it’s his favourite thing to do on a Thursday afternoon. His role in the Pack was practically “researcher” anyway, so it was a given that he’d become a teacher, and a damn good History one at that. He feels his phone vibrate in his pocket and he reaches for it, thankful that he’d remembered to turn the sound off because the library was quite busy and Stiles hates drawing attention to himself when there’s no need. Come home. It reads. And Stiles furrows his eyebrows together. Because if this was from Scott, Stiles would just laugh, brush it off and text back a simple “Don’t be a silly puppy”, hit send and forget about it. But it wasn’t. It was from Lydia.
  87. The Weapon You Choose by elisera. Explicit. 12030 words. When Noah trudges down the backstairs that morning, he finds Dad sitting on a step halfway down and chewing on his knuckles, watching Papa making coffee like it’s a special on the discovery channel and not an almost daily ritual. Anyway, Noah needs the car on Friday; he might as well make nice so he sits down next to Dad, jostling his shoulder with his own in greeting. Dad raises an eyebrow, mirth in his eyes and his mouth curving around the knuckle stuck in it. Papa grunts just then, still trying and failing to open the tin with the ground coffee in it and Dad head snaps around, once again riveted. Noah rolls his eyes hard but he guesses people who’ve been together since the dawn of time need to get their fun wherever they can find it.
  88. The Black Moon by counterintuitivefangirl. Not rated. Rape. 541 words. Derek was lazily asleep then all of a sudden he wasn’t and Stiles was possessed by a demon. But not all is as it seems.
  89. Movie Night by Bontaque. Explicit.3335 words. Stiles doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to the new Derek. OR, Stiles and Derek are dating and haven’t gotten much further than kissing frantically in the Jeep yet. Stiles doesn’t expect anything more to happen when he invites Derek around to watch a movie, because they’re going to watch Star Wars and Derek has somehow never seen it, which is actually slightly more important that whether or not Stiles gets a hand job.
  90. Shared Heat by triedunture. Explicit. 3606 words. Derek can show Isaac that he’s not alone. He’ll provide for his pack, whatever they need.
  91. 50 Shades of Sterek by counterintuitivefangirl. Not Rated. 4964 words. 50 ficlets of Sterek porn.
  92. Now Your Smile Comes Over in Your Voice by talktowater. Explicit. 19021 words. Part two of Love Comes in Spurts series.
  93. Accept All Happiness From Me by thequeergiraffe. Mature. 2161 words. “Tell me about your first,” she asks, her voice whisper-soft, but she doesn’t know what she’s asking, not really, so Stiles tells her the lie instead. Because it’s easier, yeah, and a hell of a lot less painful. The truth has too many jagged edges. Stiles doesn’t talk about his time with Derek Hale…but he hasn’t forgotten it yet, either.
  94. we’re looking at stars by Hymn. Explicit. 2849 words. The pack assumes, but Stiles and Derek break expectations in their own way. It works for them.
  95. Actual Wolf Derek Hale by lovelornwolf. Explicit. 42897 words. Stiles is almost done with the bottle of whiskey when the dog wanders—limps—out of the woods towards him.
  96. Studio Apartment by breenwolf. Explicit. 5th Floor. $185/week.
  97. What you do to me by verityExplicit. 1566 words. The first time they had sex, it was the full moon, and things went very quickly from Derek talking to Stiles as Stiles flipped through the grimoire that Derek had brought down to Davis to Stiles rimming Derek on the bed, cupping his balls until Derek came all over the sheets, half wolfed-out, dick untouched, and deeply confused.
  98. Jinx Removing by DevilDollExplicit. 6271 words. ”Derek wished he would sit down or take his jacket off or something; anything that would indicate he was going to stay for more than a few minutes.” This is an alternate universe version of the apartment scene in my story Love, Like a Sentence of Death.
  99. A Story To Tell The Grandcubs by mass_hipgnosis. Explicit. 3624 words. Stiles asks the stranger standing next to him at the bar for help avoiding his creepy ex boyfriend. Written for a prompt at teenwolfkink.
  100. I Wish That I Could See You Soon by talktowater. Explicit. 23606 words. Derek Hale is one half of indie duo Girls and the Dogs. He spent his late teens drinking and fucking his way around small clubs over the world, but now he is sober, sick of touring, and has rules. Or one rule at least. No hook ups on tour. When the guy with the impossibly tight t-shirt who calls himself Stiles follows him back to his bus one night after a show in London, he’s in no danger of breaking his rules because as Stiles quite categorically states, he is straight. Right… good luck with that Derek…
  101. The Great Pretender by talktowater. Explicit. 45275 words. Stiles is the new kid at Beacon Hills High, class of 1958 and he’s trying to make an impression. Derek can’t figure out why this kid is so set on making such a bad one.
  102. Absence Makes the Dick Grow Fonder by tylerfucklin. Explicit. 4191 words. Stiles frowned, “…do you want to hang up?” This time, Stiles could hear the hitch in Derek’s breath, and it was enough to give him the courage to ask, “do you want me to tell you what I’m doing?” “what are you doing?” Derek croaked lowly. There was the sound of a door closing on the other line, followed by the creak of bed springs. “Fucking into my hand,” Stiles blurted with a groan, his body getting hot just thinking about Derek lying on his bed back in Beacon Hills and touching himself, “thinking of you.”
  103. The Last Time by concert_hero. Explicit. 10874 words. Stiles is leaving in the morning and Derek can’t find the words to say how he feels. Instead, he shows him.
  104. Imagine Me & You by refuse_to_sink. Mature. 54185 words. AU In which Peter, Laura and Kate are all alive. Derek and Kate are getting married, Stiles works at the floral shop arranging the flowers for the wedding. Everything is not as it seems.
  105. NEW. Imagine Me & You: Future Years by refuse_to_sinkMature. 14567 words. Stiles and Derek move back to Beacon Hills, into their new home.
  106. In Your Arms by elegantlydisastrous. Mature.27560 words. Stiles has been self harming for a while but nobody had noticed. Derek finds him one day after a rough pack meeting and things take a turn for the worse.
  107. sexting with derek and stiles by poetictragedy. Explicit. Brief talk of bottom!derek. 2606 words. In order to get Derek to have sex with him - or to even be interested in having sex with him - Stiles goes to his best friend for advice and gets the worst possible suggestion in the world. But, having been out of ideas himself, Stiles goes along with it because he has no other chance and, who knows, maybe it will work. (or the one where Stiles is new to sexting, Derek is semi-oblivious, naughty pictures are sent, laws are probably broken, and orgasms are achieved via telephone.)
  108. What a Fool to Imagine by Loz. Explicit. 3011 words. Derek doesn’t like Stiles. He’s too bright, too loud, too much of everything.
  109. you want a resolution, some kind of revolution (tell me what you want me to say) by knightship. Mature. Alpha!Stiles.4123 words. Stiles has to make a choice.
  110. A Simple Man by bittersweet_desire. Mature. POV First Person. 1975 words. Derek reflects on his life and on something his mother told him years ago. Set at some point after S2.
  111. Sterek for the New Year by TobyRosetta. Explicit. 7885 words. Stiles is having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of his one night stand with Derek.
  112. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing by sassywerewolfuncle. Explicit. WIP. 6005 words. The one where Stiles and Danny are lacrosse co-captain bros, and the alpha pack screw with everyone’s memories. Stiles wishes Scott would just listen to Derek. He also wishes he’d never met the alpha twins; even if Ethan does give spectacularly awesome head.
  113. Fairies, Babies, and Pack Days by ashanrahm. Explicit. WIP. 18454 words. Stiles would have loved to blame it all on the wicked fairies from hell but no, this one was one hundred percent Derek’s fault. Or… The one in which a member of the Hale pack gets cursed to bear a child but will never live to see it.
  114. A Song of Iced Tea and Liars by themightyhawk. Explicit. 47341 words. The reluctant and untested billionaire CEO of Lyco Industries, Derek Hale, is having a very not-good day when he stumbles out of a morgue and into Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin’s coffee shop. There’s corporate mayhem, gunfire, and just enough chaos to remind everyone how much they need each other. (Maybe.)
  115. if you insist by verity. Mature. Conset Issues. 2932 words. This is the moment that Derek’s been waiting for all this time. He feels strangely peaceful, looking at Stiles’s hard face, the curves of his biceps, all the things he never gave himself permission to linger over. If Derek is going to lose whatever this thing is between them, he’s going to look and not feel bad about it. ”I can’t tell whether you think that Blue Steel is somehow going to distract me or if there’s something on my face,” Stiles says. ”Your face is fine,” Derek says.
  116. All the Way to the Bone by otter. Explicit. 6514 words. Stiles wanted Derek to be happy, and he wanted Derek to be safe, and these things were as obvious and visible as the tattoos on Stiles’ skin, the shapes that Derek could trace now with his fingers without even looking.
  117. Hello, I Love You by written_in_the_dark. Explicit. 5126 words. Stiles has a bad habit of stealing other people’s expensive paint from the art supply room. He should probably stop.
  118. DTF by Captain_Loki. Explicit. 2156 words. It’s nearly midnight when Derek gets the text, phone buzzing against the mattress beside him. Horny: DTF?
  119. All I Want For Christmas, Is You by OhNylL. Mature. 3338 words. Derek surprises Stiles with an early Christmas morning visit.
  120. Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us by queerly_it_is. Explicit. 12381 words. Derek doesn’t get why he likes it so much. It’s just not — he hadn’t expected to need this. Not from Stiles. Not from anyone, ever. He doesn’t do this. Except he does, now. Because it’s for Stiles, and Derek — fuck, he likes it too.
  121. A Protector Among Wolves by blahrandomblah. Not Rated. WIP. 15905 words. Stiles has always been the resourceful, human counterpart to the werewolves in Beacon Hills. However, when he sacrifices himself for one of the wolves, his true ancestry is unlocked. Can his newfound skills help protect the wolf pack, or will they prove to impede the work of the wolves? A romance blossoms through the development of Stiles’ abilities. What role will that play in his overall success?
  122. That One Time Derek Thought Stiles was Possessed (But he totally wasn’t - Isn’t) by TonyStarkIsARobot. Mature. 1043 words. Derek thinks Stiles is possessed but in reality, Stiles is just getting back at Derek for all the shit Derek’s pulled on him. Slamming into walls, for instance. Leaving him out of plans, for instance. Even though he’s his boyfriend, Derek was kind of a dick to Stiles at first. Stiles gets a huuuge payback. In the most hilarious way.
  123. In the Dark of the Night by Xinbimodu. Explicit. 2882 words. Stiles is visiting his mother’s family in Virginia this Christmas. He’s been gone exactly one week, five days and twenty-two hours and Derek has hated every second that’s ticked cheerfully by.
  124. Patronuses and a Tree Stump by TonyStarkIsARobot. Mature. 333 words. Stiles and Derek have a relaxing evening on the grounds of Hogwarts summoning their patronuses and cuddling. Until Stiles sees his patronus. Hoboy. And then their patronuses… Uh… Well let’s just say they get friendly. Really friendly. And so do Derek and Stiles.
  125. Nothing Special by SolitarianKnight. Explicit. 1168 words. Porny goodness to go with the wonderful piece of art that is Patronuses and a Tree Stump by . Basically PWP.
  126. Infinite Bondage Jokes at Your Disposal and that’s the Best you can Come up With? by geargie. Explicit. 2042 words. Stiles is a rookie parole officer and Derek is his first case. It was supposed to be easy but that’s not how Stiles’ life works, is it?
  127. More Butt Cuddling by BirdyMarie. Explicit. 2676 words. Qhuinn wanted topping from the bottom, I aim to please and hopefully hit at least the outer rim. Part 2 of the Cuddlebutt series.
  128. the echoes of you in me by pointblankdarcy. Explicit. 3288 words."No one wants to see a pornstar with glasses on," Derek says finally, his tone clipped, but not angry. He relaxes a fraction, and takes a step towards Stiles. Stiles laughs. (It clearly doesn’t escape Derek that it’s a nervous kind of laugh; Derek’s eyes crinkle just that little bit.) "I would."
  129. Happy New Year by melissa8123. Explicit. 2090 words. (+44): We should totally stay in at new years, have sex and try to time orgasm to the countdown.
  130. Some Nights I Call it a Draw by Jadesymb. Explicit. 14310 words. The pack is established, and things are going well. Except today a body is found, the victim of an “animal attack,” which turns out to be supernatural in origin, because this is Stiles’ life now. Now if only the pack can take care of the latest threat quietly, without anyone getting hurt, and preferably before the Sheriff finds out about Stiles and Derek’s relationship. (Like things ever work out the way Stiles plans)
  131. I Cannot Make by Ladycat. Not Rated. Midly Dubious Conset. 2857 words. "Why." It isn’t a question. Stiles continues laughing so hard his eyes water, stomach aching. When he’s done catching his breath he looks over at Derek and manages a not-at-all-giggly shrug. "Because, dude. It fits." On the side of the bed-pallet-thing it reads For A Good Puppy.
  132. with metal on our tongues (we’ll be dressed in rags) by Rena. Explicit. 18848 words. Double-oh agents are a piece of work; Stiles knew that before he became MI6’s new quartermaster. It’s cool, he survived Lydia in college, he can deal with stubborn, reckless, trigger-happy operatives. Derek Hale, though, is definitely trying to live up to his predecessor’s legacy and make Stiles’ life more difficult. AKA the one where Derek is 007 and Stiles is Q and they bitch and angst their way to a Happy Ending.
  133. For Science by DeCaStDe. Explicit. 9258 words. It’s New Year’s Eve and Derek and Stiles haven’t talked since they slept together a week earlier while they were drunk. Derek is hurt and Stiles is confused. Derek gets drunk again and Stiles comes over. They talk. They do other stuff too. You don’t need to have read the first part to read this one, it’s pretty much just porn, really!
  134. when the walls come down (you’ll know i’m here to stay) by korynnvictoria. Explicit. 9116 words.It’s not the ideal life, not the life he dreamt about aloud to his parents – he’s no Dodgers pitcher, he’s no lawyer, he’s no doctor – but it pays the bills and it keeps Laura from directing her judging, angry gaze at him too much. It’s what he deserves.
  135. Early Morning by Kellygirl. Explicit. 1002 words. The best part of waking up.
  136. Dwells Amidst Your Walls by the_ragnarok. Explicit. 11441 words. Scott accidentally sells Stiles’ virginity on Craigslist. (Derek wins.)
  137. A Dangerous Desire by Sam_ds. Explicit. 4260 words. Stiles wants to know if his desire is mutual. By that, he pays a visit to Derek who is at his terminal rage because of the full moon.
  138. Shiver Shiver bynotoriousdre. Explicit. 3086 words. Derek is badly wounded after defeating the Alpha pack and Stiles takes it upon himself to comfort his Alpha. In many different ways.
  139. For Niether Ever, Nor Never by reliand. Explicit. 20971 words. This is dark!fic. So I am warning you, it probably won’t be a pleasant ride. Derek is kinda crazy and Stiles is extremely underage. Seriously, if him being twelve squicks you, you might want to turn back now.
    Also, there are no werewolves in this story.
  140. morning sun by RonnieMinor. Explicit. 1439 words. Stiles is woken up by the first light of dawn creeping across the pale sky.
  141. Jeepin’ by eriizabeto. Mature. 1368 words. In which Derek and Stiles started dating a short while ago and are ready to begin their sexual relationship. Maybe Derek’s a little nervous. Part 3 of the Tutor!Verse series
  142. Peer Pressure by eriizabeto. Teen and Up Audiences. 1615 words. Stiles squirms under the weight of Chris’ arm. “Can you let me go now? I have shit to do.” "He has shit to do," Chris tells the group, grinning. "Very busy, very popular. Can’t even answer a simple question, he’s too good for that. I hope he knows what we do to kids who’re too good to talk to us. In which Chris is fancied some kind of maligned star in Sterek’s union, and is thwarted by being above the influence.
  143. All The Things I Learned by JenNova. Explicit. 2642 words. Kate Argent taught Derek two things. Never trust anyone outside his own species. Sex is power.
  144. If I Had A Wish (Or Even A Choice) by ladyblahblah. Explicit. 3892 words. Stiles has a preference for written porn. He also has a thing for Derek’s voice. So when Derek finds his erotica collection, this is clearly either the best or the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.
  145. What Happens When You Lack a Filter by ashanrahm. Mature. 612 words.It wasn’t that he meant to say it. He really didn’t mean to say it, especially in front the pack. Especially in front of Derek’s pack! Maybe he could blame this one on his ADHD and the fact that at times, he has like zero filter.
  146. Turning Tables by Robomantic. Explicit. 4730 words. Stiles was getting really tired of Derek pushing him around. Derek, however, really liked it when Stiles pushed back.
  147. A Good Boy by LaDragonaria. Mature. 1591 words. I don’t even know. I… It started out as a random line that came to mind and then suddenly it evolved into whatever you call this. It took on a life of its own. There may be chapters in this, I’m not sure exactly what direction to go or this might be the only chapter. I don’t know, you let me know, I guess. As of now there’s not any REAL sex just yet but it might get more explicit in future chapters if I write them.
  148. Unfold by shirozora. Teen and Up Audiences. 547 words. “You’re okay with this, right?” Stiles asks, climbing on top cautiously and expecting Derek to shove him off. “With what?” “This. Me. On top of you. Just. Me and you and this.”
  149. Sense Of Right by MintSauce. Explicit. WIP. 58431 words. Stiles moved away from Beacon Hills when he worked out he wasn’t wanted. He has a new Pack, a new family, he finally belongs. So why is it that returning to Beacon Hills again after nine years just messes with everything he had thought he’d set in stone?
  150. What You Think You Know, You Don’t by Brego_Mellon_Nin. Explicit. 4501 words. Derek is in the kitchen when he hears the teasing start up again. He can feel his wolf roaring under his skin, wanting to defend their mate, but he stays put. Stiles has asked him to let it go, so he will.
  151. Softer Than Silk, Stronger Than Iron by NimblePhoenix. Explicit. WIP. 92070 words. Stiles should have left them where he found them and called the wildlife department but with Stiles being Stiles, and his damn paternal instincts flaring up, of course he didn’t. Instead he brought them to the Hale house. Hey, if hanging out with Werewolves could constantly get him into life threatening situations he should at least get something good out of it…like help raising the two little wolf cubs he’s suddenly fallen in love with. He doesn’t even realize how much he’s affecting Derek. Unfortunately for Derek, the rest of the pack does.
  152. Just Act Normal by zosofi. Explicit. 78677 words. If someone had told Stiles back in high school that he would be an Oscar winning actor by the time he turned 25, he would’ve probably told Scott to punch them. The thing is, though…they would’ve been right. Which makes returning to Beacon Hills, center of all that is supernatural and better left avoided, all the more awkward.
  153. My Regrets Are Few series by secondstar. Mature-Explicit. Around 7000 words total. There was no way that Stiles was rolling over for Derek Hale, absolutely no way. He didn’t care if he was the Alpha, because Stiles was no werewolf.
  154. You Don’t See Straight by annber. Explicit. WIP.155506 words. Stiles finds himself in a secret werewolf community to participate in a mating run. Sterek happens. Side OC’s.
  155. Through Doors by KeriArentikai. Explicit. 3358 words."How did it even start?" Allison looks bewildered and a little betrayed. Stiles flushes a bright red. "Ohhhh." Allison looks like she understands a bit more about why Stiles didn’t tell her about it. And she wiggles her eyebrows at him. Stiles just blushes harder. Part 5 of the Oh, The Places We’ll Go series
  156. it’s fine by me (if you never leave) by annber. Explicit. 2764 words. Quick dirty bottom!Derek for qhuinn meant to be set in the YDSS verse but I’m reasonably sure it can stand alone.
  157. Don’t leave me tongue tied by breenwolf. Explicit. 2149 words. [this is meant to be the smutty follow-up to this tumblr fic, but i think it reads pretty well separately.]
  158. Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by zosofi. Explicit. 84031 words. The one where the Hale fire never happened, Laura is a nosy sister, Derek is desperate, and Stiles is the only one that can help.
  159. let me in lover, be kind by breenwolf. Explicit. 3714 words. It’s a cosmic balancing act.
  160. Cannot Be Undone by arrafrost. Explicit. Demon!Stiles. This has consensual possession, scenting, and most importantly… bottom!Derek and top!Stiles :D
  161. Drabble by neverhaveiseen
  162. Derek and Stiles do it, aw yeah by tomato_greens. Explicit. 2024 words. Derek doesn’t know what to do with his hands.
  163. Famous Last Words series by JenNova. Explicit. 62,887 words. All you need to know about this series is that the doc is titled “The Sex Buddy Fic”.
  164. Sacred Simplicity (Of You At My Side) by kat_fanfic. Explicit. 33152 words. "The Creature Protection Act - a revolutionary truce between Humans and Altered Individuals. Communication - Care - Control" Stiles snorted. Yeah, right.
  165. Untiled by Faackles. Mature. 874 words. I’m not a writer of fics, and this is unfinished because I lost steam. But! I follow Breenwolf on Tumblr and I kind of loved her Bottom!Derek prompt list. This is my half-assed attempt at trying to fill one of them. I’m sorry.
  166. Cake Murder by pterawaters. Explicit. 3979 words. Derek’s finally having his sixteenth birthday party, if he and Stiles can arrive with the cake intact, that is. Written for the “chocolate” square on my Teen Wolf Bingo Card. It will make more sense if you read I’m in Love with How You Feel (Sixteen Candles) first.
  167. Celebrity Crush by softywolf and siredtosourwolf. Explicit. 30307 words. Stiles wasn’t expecting to meet his favourite actor when Scott helped him land an internship on the set of Jackson’s new film, and he certainly wasn’t expecting Derek to fall in love with him. Not that Stiles was complaining. Part 1 of the Tes and Amber Write Stuff Together series.
  168. You’re The Reason by xxxAthaelaxxx. Explicit. 1605 words. Stiles wants a tattoo and after he gets one good look at the artist he decides to come back for more because he plans on seducing him. Stiles always gets what he wants.
  169. Broken Sundown by olavina. Explicit. 19401 words. Punk rock star Derek Hale is irritated when his new roommate in rehab turns out to be squeaky-clean Stiles Stilinski, the drummer for the hottest boy band in the U.S. Not even his favorite gay romance novel can distract him from what follows. Rock star AU, angst and addictions, alpha!Derek, mates.
  170. Take The Red For What It’s Worth by madetobeworthy. Explicit. 3788 words. The make me bleed bit was fun and new and a little dangerous and maybe that’s why Stiles loved it so much. It also worked both ways, and Stiles would be a liar if he said that wasn’t another reason why he enjoyed it. Like now, when he found himself crowding Derek across the room, getting so into his personal space he had no choice but to step back and back until the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed and Stiles shoved him over. Everyone made it seem like Derek was some sort of predator, but he didn’t hold a flame to Stiles on the hunt for something he really wanted.
  171. The Market by ChestnutPatronus14. Mature. WIP. Were!Stiles. 1575 words. The ‘Market’ was created by hunters to provide a new kind of hunt for those hunters who could pay. They never expected that the alphas of the species would take interest in them. Specifically a young alpha named Stiles Stilinski. All the beta wolves in the market live in fear of being picked by an alpha, or by a hunter. At least with the hunters they knew there were two fates: guard dog or prey. With an alpha? There as no guarantee what would happen. Derek Hale grew up in the market, and everyone who had purchased him had returned him within a few days time. He would misbehave, not listen to orders, or even attack the hunters or alpha. He was too strong for his own good. But things are about to change. Alpha Stiles Stilinski had taken a liking to the beta, and intends to purchase him.
  172. The Things I Hate Come So Naturally by Archangel67. Explicit. D/s. 5979 words. Derek’s relationship with Kate wasn’t exactly lolly pops and rainbows. After Derek tells Kate what he is, she takes it upon herself to train him.
  173. Wreck It by LPM. Explicit. 1601 words. "Stiles appreciates the bed and the warmth, he appreciates being (mostly) dry and free from the storm. All of it he approves of and likes, but not so much as he likes the feel of Derek, frantic and uninhibited, bucking beneath him…"
  174. Testing Makes Perfect by the_ragnarok. Explicit. 1364 words. Stiles comes in with an envelope and a blinding smile, handing the first to Derek. “Test results came back,” he says, as though Derek didn’t know.
  175. Five Sexual Misadventures and One Averted One by theaeblackthorn. Explicit. 3852 words. Stiles has been wheedling Derek into trying novelty condoms for ages and eventually he agrees. "You’re wearing it, though," Derek says, eyeing the box of ‘Fire & Ice’ condoms dubiously. Stiles nods. “That’s fine by me. Look it says warming and tingling sensations to both partners. How awesome does that sound?” Derek’s still eyeing the box dubiously. “I’m not a hundred percent I want ‘fire’ anything in my ass.” "It’ll be fun," Stiles cajoles. Famous last words.
  176. making an ass out of u and me by verity. Explicit. 1358 words. It’s hard to blame Derek for the fact that everything he says sounds insulting. The guy was raised by wolves.
  177. It Mists Invisibly Against Metal and Glass by scoutshonor. Explicit. 6862 words. He can’t decide if it was worse when Derek was with Erica, when he would touch her shoulder or hip with his fingertips and the perpetual frown of his forehead would smooth out, just for a single, tender second, or now, when his hands are always empty at his sides and Stiles is starting to feel compelled to offer himself to fill them. (Or, Water Isn’t Shaped Like a River or Ocean, continued.
  178. Stick Around by siny. Explicit. 9245 words. Stiles and Derek are always arguing about stupid silly things, but it gets worse every time Stiles gets hurt. or The first time that Derek admits that he loves Stiles. Will Stiles ever admit that he loves him back?
  179. A Pretty Boy is like A Melody by notoriousdre. Explicit. 19216 words. bur·lesque /bərˈlesk/n: A parody or comically exaggerated imitation of something, esp. in a literary or dramatic work.
  180. Seduce and Conquer by xxxAthaelaxxx. Explicit. 962 words. Derek comes out to his family and Laura suggests that he should go to a gay bar to meet guys. Stiles sees him and decides to flirt but Danny suspects that the tall dark and sexy is straight. That doesn’t stop Stiles from seducing the virgin.
  181. Take your mark and make it ours by asimpletruth42. Teen and Up Audiences. 1704 words. Inspired by a Tumblr post by BardTheBowman which asked for a: ‘fic where Derek intentionally tries to keep his hickies all day because he wants to keep the physical signs of Stiles’ affection’.
  182. Leave the Rest at Arm’s Lengt by scoutshonor. Explicit. 3676 words. DevilDoll’s But Not With Derek, continued. Endless thanks to her for the prompt/inspiration/permission to use it.
  183. Want by beniblue. Explicit. 30360 words. Derek wanted to claim him right then and there. It took all his self-discipline to maintain a semblance of control.
  184. Message Received by simonsaysyes. Explicit. 27263 words. Scott has made new friends. Stiles is left alone and bored. Why not text Derek!
  185. I Have An Idea by xxxAthaelaxxxExplicit. 637 words. Derek’s paralyzed by the kanima and Stiles drags him out of the pool to safety where Stiles gets a kinky idea to ride Derek’s cock to help it go down.
  186. I’ll Be With You Through The Dark by the_misfortune_teller. Mature. 138101 words. Set post Season 2 finale. Stiles is having a rough time at home and finds himself going to Derek for help in Scott’s absence. He doesn’t expect for Derek to end up turning to him for support, leading to something more than just friendship between them. Slow, slow, fluffy slow build! 
  187. Blodrød by Onlymystory. Mature. 2917 words. A demon possessing Alpha werewolves leads a crazed pack to Beacon Hills. He’s been stuck inside werewolf minds, when all he wants is a nice human meatsuit. Humans in packs are rare these days and the demon is practically salivating at the thought of possessing Stiles. It’s strong, and the pack was taken off guard, unable to protect Stiles before the demon takes control. But like the demon says…humans in packs are rare.
  188. Stolen by Firenation. Explicit. 99099 words. Derek first meets Stiles when he’s fifteen years old, just after the fire, and realises that he’s his mate. You can picture the kind of joy that follows.
  189. love in a college town by poetictragedy. Explicit. 21307 words. When Stiles gets to college, he thinks it’s going to be hell until he meets his roommate, Scott, and they become instant best friends. He meets a gorgeous Junior in the same day named Derek Hale and he thinks, maybe, college life won’t be so bad after all.
  190. Enemy Lines by qhuinn. Explicit. 109093 words. WIP. This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves. Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles. Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.
  191. First Date by Onlymystory. Mature. 15125 words. Stiles has Danny set him up with a date. But Derek’s reaction ensures the night ends very differently.
  192. A Family by Thea_rainbow. Teen and Up AudiencesDerek was in heat, and Stiles was the only one. And jet, he is pregnate.
  193. Shaken and Stirred series by secondstar. Explicit. 15350 words. Stiles is the voice in his ear and the man in the glasses behind the computer screen. At the end of the day, he’s the only one Agent Eta trusts.
  194. Turned On Its Head by thegirlinpurple. Explicit. 5652 words. "You want me to touch you, except for your dick?” Stiles just… likes people. That’s his thing. He likes people, and they don’t always like him back. It’s just the way things are; he’s accepted that, until he gets to watch Derek flush and flounder when he finds Derek’s glow-in-the-dark dildo. He’s pretty okay with the whole unrequited-attraction thing, but then Derek asks, “Did you want to see?” and Stiles’ world is turned upside down. He really, um, ohmygod, wow does he need to make sure that happens again. Soon. Trouble by pterawaters from Stiles’ POV, and the intro to a sequel.
  195. A glass over the flame by noisette. Explicit. 5672 words. "I’ve wanted to tie you up since you first kissed me in the car," Reid admits bluntly. He can recall the exact moment when the thought flashed through his mind. (Or how Reid told the team he’s into BDSM and Derek took note.) Mild painplay, D/s undertones, spanking, bondage, mention of erotic asphyxiation.
  196. My Childhood Spat Back Out the Monster That You See by wolfsbanepunch. Mature. 5001 words. “Okay,” Stiles agrees and the answer surprises both of them. Enough to where, Derek’s lips part a bit and Stiles is suddenly really interested in the small black space nestled in the middle of pink rounded lines. And he kind of really wants to examine that universe hidden behind white teeth thoroughly and this confuses him. So instead of investigating whatever the fuck is going on his head and making his heart run rabbit fast, he turns on his heel and sits back in his seat.
  197. Merge by concert_hero. Mature. 1000 words. It’s when they are like this—moving, rocking together like a ship on the sea, trembling through the waves in each others’ arms—that Stiles knows he loves Derek.
  198. This Is A Gift (It Comes With A Price) by madetobeworthy. Mature. 12554 words. On the hunt for a rogue Alpha, Stiles goes missing. When his scent is lost, everyone begins to panic. When he reappears, Derek is faced with a new Alpha, and a new challenge. Suddenly Beacon Hills isn’t home to one wolf pack, but two.
  199. Shifting Gears by blue_rocket_frost. Explicit. 4238 words. Stiles and Derek have sex in the jeep. Stiles gets an idea.
  200. The Sweetest of Words (Have the Bitterest Taste) by Omni. Explicit. 9902 words. Five or so years after the show. Stiles is in college, and finds himself getting stalked by a succubus. Derek’s determined that the best way to thwart her is to prove that he and Stiles are madly in love. It’s not really as much of an act as either seems to think.
  201. Bubbles by always_addicted. Explicit. 37589 words. Stiles knew he was in trouble the minute his father sat next to him with *that* look on his face. But he didn’t expect the words “Governor Hale’s son” and “arranged marriage” to come spilling out of the Sheriff’s mouth. But really, he should’ve known it would be bad. He just couldn’t imagine anything worse.
  202. Impromptu Domestic Sexual Karaoke series by ionsquare. Mature. 22685 words. They don’t call it dirty pop for nothing.
  203. Binding/Unbound by elandrialore. Explicit. 1001 words. Tomorrow he will burn with shame for his weakness, but he knows he’ll be back. He’s long since stopped fooling himself that this is exactly what he needs.
  204. Trying New Things by Growler. Explicit. 1193 words. Derek propositions Stiles.
  205. The Adventures of Little Red Running Shorts and the Clingy Creeper Wolf by blue_rocket_frost. Mature. 1105 words. After Derek bottoms for the first time, he goes to find Stiles at Cross Country practice for cuddles.
  206. The Space Erases The Noise by YouRunWithTheWolves. Mature. 2952 words. Before his fingers make contact with his skin, Stiles catches them in mid air and pushes them away. “Nuh-uh” he smiles. An easy smile. So easy. Always so easy for Stiles. “Your turn.
  207. Break This Heart by NorthernSourWolf. Mature. 5093 words. Day four turned to five, and six. Slowly people started to lose hope, started to say he ran off. Day seven, eight, nine, fifteen, finally a month passed. The end result was an unstable Derek. 
  208. With the Moon I Run (Showing No Mercy) by letswatchthecityburn. Explicit. 29034 words. Stiles gets inspired by a badly injured Derek returns to the pack after being attacked by hunters. Stiles decides he’s going to go and find if he can train himself to become a better protector for his friends. Derek somehow senses that Stiles is going to leave, comes to his house to beg him to stay. Stiles and Derek were not together at this time, but they do share a passionate night together; which leaves Derek unknowingly by Stiles marked by him. Stiles leaves in the night, leaving a sleeping Derek in his bed. Cut to years later, Stiles comes back to town with a pack of his own of hunters that share his vision, to protect those they love despite their species. Stiles sees that over the years someone had kid(s), and sees that they share an strong resemblance to Derek. Stiles thinks that Derek moved on, up until his father comes along and introduces the children to be his grandchildren. That and Derek’s been missing for a few days by then. It a new pack has come into town, and they are one of the suspected groups to be behind Derek’s disappearance; the other being a not-so-new group of rouge hunters, being led by Allison.
  209. Fun by blue_rocket_frost. Explicit. 301 words. Prompt “Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek, withholding orgasm
  210. NEW. Never Cage A Rabid Wolf by Janeyyy. Explicit. 48757 words. Stiles is sent to prison, and guess who his cellmate is?
  211. NEW. Your Majesty by grimm. Explicit. 22291 words. It wasn’t like he was a pro or whatever, but like any teenage boy he’d spent a lot of time jerking off, and there were a lot of people on the internet that liked watching that sort of thing. And while the idea of doing actual porn - like, porn with another person’s dick in his ass porn - kind of made him uncomfortable, jerking off by himself in front of a camera sounded okay. If you’re good at something, never do it for free, right? Based off a prompt asking for Stiles as a cam boy and Derek lusting after his hot virgin bod.
  212. NEW. You Set My Soul Alight by Captain_Loki. Explicit. 5135 words. Derek finds Stiles’ toys…basically Stiles + Derek + Dildos.
  213. NEW. You’ll Be So Happy That You Came by ionsquare. Explicit5710 words. It’s actually: sex-ca-pade, we’ll have a good time. Take note, Janet Jackson.
  214. NEW. Hero by j_fire. Explicit. 49107 words. Erica and Boyd are still missing. Isaac has weeded his way into Scott’s life. And Stiles is left on the sidelines-probably where he belongs. But when a new threat blows in to Beacon Hills, Derek shows up on Stiles’ doorstep asking for help and maybe something more.
  215. NEW. Pack Meetings by PrincezzShell101. Explicit. 5875 words. Stiles has been trying to get over that kiss with Derek by using the best tactic he can think of. Avoiding the Alpha whenever possible. It doesn’t help when he gets persuaded to attend Pack meeting with Scott. The only thing he can think about is how bad of an idea this is. Oh, and how right he was. Second in the ‘Times Of Change’ series!
  216. NEW. Crestfallen in California by imshakingyourconfidencedaily. Explicit. 14181 words. Neither Derek Hale nor Stiles Stilinski believe in fate, yet all the signs seem to lead to one another. In which Stiles is a journalist for the New York Times and is engaged to Danny (who’s too good for him) and Derek is an architect who just lost his family and has a sister who won’t stop pestering him about dating.
  217. NEW. Finger Bangin’ by Hatteress. Explicit. 3464 words. Stiles starts bringing drumsticks to Pack gatherings, sitting himself on the edge of the group to tap out maddening rhythms on his knees as the werewolves train. The first time he’d pulled them out, spinning one stick in a showy twirl between his fingers, Derek had actually staggered a little, missed a basic move, and ended up on his back blinking up at fucking Jackson, of all people.
  218. NEW. Unbound and Unbridled by p1013. Explicit. 961 words. Derek’s hands are tied behind his back, the rope cutting into the bones of his wrists and ankles. He’s naked, the concrete floor biting into his knees and feet. It’s cold and dark, and even when he stretches his sense to their max, he can’t hear anything but the dim rush of traffic going past on the highway and his own rapid heartbeat. He knows he can break free, can tense his shoulders and arms and pull, but he waits instead.
  219. NEW. Days Gone By by The_Angsting_Alpha. Explicit. 3359 words. Since becoming bonded, Stiles has not yet realized everything he is capable of. The primal urges of a wolf coursing through his veins now. Knowledge is just the first part of their challenges. Actions, just may be, what drives them both mad.
  220. NEW. I Get Delirious Whenever You’re Near by ionsquare. Explicit. 5906 words.If Prince is playing anywhere, sex is going to happen. All the sex will happen.
  221. NEW. I’m breathing in the chemicals by laminy. Explicit. 4067 words. Stiles needs a smoke. He ends up at Derek’s with the promise of one. When Stiles finds Derek’s particular mix a little too strong, Derek tries shotgunning to make it less intense. It doesn’t quite work. Takes place sometime, any time, during or after season three (mentions of Stiles’s hair and Derek’s new apartment).
  222. NEW. the one where Derek gets high by nighimpossible. Explicit1167 words. What it says on the tin. Derek needs to find a way to relax, and Stiles is more than willing to assist.
  223. NEW. his descent was like nightfall by nighimpossible. Explicit. 2328 words. Derek is drowning. The creature that calls itself Stiles drags him ashore. (nymph!Stiles)
  224. NEW. Hyenas by headasexual. Mature. 5443 words.Stiles has been preoccupied lately after seeing the inevitable, yet somehow still surprising: Derek Hale’s dick.
  225. NEW. Special Collections by hannah_baker. Explicit. 16423 words. Stiles Stilinski is a senior in college working on his thesis. Derek Hale is the grumpy (though inhumanely attractive) special collections librarian. All they needed was a common interest to spark a friendship that becomes more than either of the bargained for.
  226. NEW. Hold Your Breath and Count to Ten by secondstar. Explicit. 6611 words. Stiles is the voice in his ear and the man in the glasses behind the computer screen. At the end of the day, he’s the only one Agent Eta trusts.
  227. NEW. Bogarted by HalfFizzbin. Mature. 3126 words. Alternate Title: “Dick Failwolf, Private Eye.” (Or, Derek’s hit with a Film Noir curse, which forces him to narrate his own life in luridly-detailed prose.)
  228. NEW. A Legend of a Lonely Boy by bunnymaccool. Explicit. 42991 words. There is a werewolf legend. About unmated alpha who desperately desired to have heirs, so he studied the moon and the stars in such great depth that he discovered a secret. On the night of the full moon, when the stars aligned just so … he could plant his pups into whatever body he desired. Regardless of species, regardless of gender. The danger is this … werewolves are not meant to carry pups alone. They need someone to guide them, love them, protect them during this time of vulnerability. A partner. A mate. But Derek Hale has none of these things. He has no one. If he and his pup are going to survive, he may just have to follow the ridiculous suggestion Deaton puts forth. The completely annoying, loud-mouthed, pain in his ass suggestion that makes Derek want to rip someone’s throat out. With his teeth.
  229. NEW. Politics of a Scandal by qhuinn. Explicit. 17097 words. The one where Stiles is the hottest new media consultant in the business and Laura Hale desperately needs his services. She’s about to launch a campaign for Governor of California and her brother, Derek, is a media nightmare waiting to happen.
  230. NEW. Life on the Hill by disseria. Explicit. 40550 words. Stiles is a first-year at St. Anselm’s School of Religion. Fourth-year Derek Hale is a recluse who wants nothing to do with him, or anyone else, for that matter. Stiles has no problem keeping his distance, until one night, when no one else is around, Derek asks if they can study together. Stiles’ life will never be the same.
  231. NEW. I’m Not Afraid of You by BurningSama. Explicit. 29408 words. The chemistry is obvious between Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski, but it takes quite a major catalyst — The pool. The scene between the two sparks the flame of their affection and leads to some lovely Sterek interaction. This story is filled with heartwarming moments, affection, turmoil, and angst.
  232. NEW. You Might Just Find You Get What You Need by tanwencooper. Explicit. 11254 words. Derek is one of the highest earning escorts at Peter’s Menagerie, where the roster of beautiful men and women are ready and waiting to give you everything you want. When Lydia calls begging him to cover for her with their biggest client he isn’t expecting to find himself in the hotel room of Stiles Stilinski, genius and billionaire founder of premier social networking site FriendSpace. What starts as a simple job providing companionship soon has Derek struggling with his own desires. Feelings that his profession has forced him to lock away come to the surface as he risks losing himself to his latest client. Sometimes what you want is what you really need.
  233. NEW. I See Light and Heat, In Your Eyes by gustinobrien. Not Rated. 2521 words.coopbastians prompted: sterek au with mechanic!Derek working on Stiles’s Jeep and stiles keeps going back to see him when there’s something wrong with his car (but there isn’t he just likes to see Derek in tight shirts and covered in grease)
  234. NEW. Finally Know The Difference by GotTheSilver. Explicit. 12512 words. In which Stiles is working at the bar his dad owns and Derek Hale returns to Beacon Hills with a guitar slung over his shoulder.
  235. NEW. Ride by purloinedinpetrograd. Explicit. 2645 words. It was a classic tale: Stiles, world-renowned reining champion who wore his cowboy hat, jeans, and a (batman, usually) t-shirt to practice, the quintessential Western rider; and then, there was Derek. Allegedly famed jumper whom a couple people were of the opinion was destined for the Olympics - but what do they know, anyway.
  236. NEW. Happy Birthday, Stiles! by disseria. Explicit. 4743 words. "It’s my birthday," Stiles continued, "which means I get to do what ever I want. And, what I want is for you to lay there. And, not move, and not say anything. And, I get to touch you," he said, lightly brushing the tips of his fingers up Derek’s side, "and lick you," he continued, slowly, teasingly licking a long stripe along Derek’s clavicle and up his neck, "and kiss you," he added, pressing his lips softly onto Derek’s chin, "as much as I want." He leaned in close now, his shell pink lips brushing against Derek’s earlobe, whispering so softly that even with his werewolf hearing, Derek almost couldn’t make out the words, "And, when you can’t take any more, when your cock is so hard you could smash a brick with it…" He paused, breathing out slowly so that the warm air tickled Derek’s ear. "I’m gonna fuck your brains out."
  237. NEW. One More Night by ChasingShadows. Explicit. 5015 words. This is my interpretation of the song “One More Night” by Maroon 5. 
  238. NEW. Sexy Silk by ksz13. Mature. 2489 words. Rogue hunters, stupid criminals picking the wrong time to rob a place, even the wayward werewolf trying to start up trouble in their territory. It all came with their lives whether they wanted it too or not. 
  239. NEW. Abandoned Amusement Parks Are Still Fun by ColetheWolf. Explicit. 3Some. Sterek/Deucalion. Stiles and Derek head into an abandoned amusement park with the intentions of killing members of the alpha pack. Deucalion’s a tricky son of a bitch though, who cleverly plays on Derek’s heartbeat and Stiles’ scent of arousal. Tides change and the original plan of murder switches to a threesome with Derek in the middle.
  240. NEW. Wash my hair while I suck your… by Awstilessum. Explicit. 1059 words. Derek and Stiles have a limited amount of time to get ready for Lydia’s dinner party- Derek can’t control himself Stiles ends up on his knees- sex ensues. Body wash is lube.
  241. NEW. One-handed Typing by Omni. Explicit. 6857 words. Stiles makes a cyber sex buddy who supposedly looks like a dark-haired version of his favorite character on his favorite show. Which, coincidentally enough, is also what Derek looks a hell of a lot like.
  242. NEW. Bare Necessities by CupcakeTerminal. Explicit. BDSM. 1384 words. There’s something intoxicating about having an alpha spread out underneath him. Even better, Stiles knew just how much Derek wanted to obey him.
  243. NEW. Scones And A Show by bella8876. Not Rated2100 words. “It’s been six weeks Derek,” Stiles said, his tone pained. “Between school and work and pack stuff we’ve barely even talked on the phone. I’ve been snapping at my roommate and the ladies in the dining hall refuse to give me coffee any more. The only way I managed to get through my lab this morning was knowing that I got to come home and spend some quality time with my boyfriend. I miss you.”
  244. NEW. Happy Accidents by Medie. Teen and Up Audiences. 2012 words."We got married. Nobody’s dying, all our limbs are intact, and nobody’s creepy relatives are skulking in the bushes. All things considered, this is pretty tame for us."
  245. NEW. I’ll Give You Some Control by Gadalynn. Explicit. 4078 words. “Oh my god, this is going to be amazing for our sex life.” “…What?” It was the only thing Derek could think to say, because first of all, he was unaware of the fact that their sex life was lacking to begin with. Second of all, was that really the first thing Stiles felt that needed to be said after he had practically died?
  246. NEW. Territorial by elegantlydisastrous. Explicit. 3381 words. The one where Derek finds out that Peter offered to give Stiles the bite and he gets really jealous/pissed off.
  247. NEW. Knot What I Had In Mind by acklesboner & WincestSounds. Explicit. 52750 words. Stiles comes to Derek with determination and an unwillingness to settle for anything less. He doesn’t quite get what he’s expecting, but maybe it’s for the better.
  248. NEW. A:Love by hysteron_proteron. Mature3366 words. Answer also accepted.
  249. NEW. Derek Hale and the Cliffhanger Kid by LPM. Explicit. 2531 words. Stiles gets cheated in a game, instead of money, he gets Derek, an omega.
  250. NEW. First and Last and Always: More by sffan. Explicit. 1704 words. Stiles fucks Derek. Honestly, there’s really not that much more to say…
  251. NEW. Bossy by DereksGirl24. Explicit. 6384 wordsStiles is very bossy and Derek kinda loves it
  252. NEW. Joint Venture by 888mph. Explicit. 5567 words. During a battle with the Alpha Pack Derek almost gets killed saving Scott’s ass. This sends the great brotherhood of Stiles&Scott crumbling down. Derek enlists the help of the most unlikely ally to get the peace back to the pack.
  253. NEW. Creature Comforts by 888mphExplicit. 2526 words. Stiles fucks Derek with a dildo.
  254. NEW. No Sleep Till Brooklyn by bella8876. Not rated. 2619
     words. Derek hummed into the kiss. So they’d hit the “horny drunk” stage and Derek was just tired enough that he didn’t even try to discourage it. Plus Stiles had been so busy writing papers and studying for finals that Derek hadn’t been laid in two weeks.
  255. NEW. House by the_misfortune_teller. Explicit. 2730 words. Living with Derek turns out to be awesome.
  256. NEW. Alpha Complex by Hatteress. Explicit.  3354 words. "Hold still," Stiles says, hand clamping down on the back of Derek’s neck to keep him from turning and it’s laughable, really – the thought that that would be enough to hold him. Except it is. Because Stiles’ fingers are gripping the nape of Derek’s neck, pressure sure and hard and Derek- Derek can’t fucking breathe.
  257. NEW. Graceless by acklesboner & WincestSoundsMature. 22075 words. Stiles doesn’t ask for much in return, but a ‘please’ would be nice.
  258. NEW. Can’t Stand the Heat by LuminescentLily. Explicit. 14149 words. Still hopelessly in love and too dense to realize they both feel the same, Stiles and Derek have to try and deal with their feelings as hunters decend on Beacon Hills and Derek goes into heat at a most inopportune time.
  259. NEW. Such a good boy by theaeblackthorn. Explicit. 1549 words. “You’re so good for me, so good…” Stiles murmurs and carries on thrusting, there’s a little give now, the tiniest bit and Stiles knows what Derek wants, even if he’s not sure Derek can take another one. He pulls his finger away, stretching Derek more and deftly slides another in the space between finger and cock.
  260. NEW. Who Said? by TheAlphaWrites. Explicit. 839 words. “Who said you wouldn’t like fisting?” Stiles joked out hoarsely, his grin full of satisfaction.
  261. NEW. A Mating Moon by unpossible. Explicit.  words. 37354. “Hey, Scott, so, I uh, there’s this amazingly hot guy and I’m uh, gonna spend the weekend with him but, you know, just to be careful, I’m sending you his picture, so if by some terrible chance my bloated corpse shows up sometime Monday, just, y’know pass this along to the authorities.” He pauses. “Uh. Kidding?” and then hangs up with a rush of air. “That is the worst voicemail in the history of voicemails,” Derek says.


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