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but stiles isn’t like that? he had all the opportunities to “get over” her before, but i think the last scene is important because of all the stydia scenes, it was the one that actually broke him - therefore his realization that they could never be

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I think he finally broke down when Lydia and Jackson had that epic moment because of a mixture of emotions. Firstly, he’d been going through a very rough period, and he’d been feeling pretty alone, and he was barely fuctioning normally by the end of the season. Seeing how much Lydia loves Jackson, plus all this, was finally too much for him.

But in the end, he didn’t learn anything. In the very last scene he said he was going to wait for her. That’s what I didn’t understand. Making him get over her then would have been ridic. But maybe a “I still have feelings but it’s obvious she loves Jackson, it’s never gonna happen” or whatever. But not his “I’ll wait forever and ever for her”. Because that’s not pinning, that’s being an idiot.

And he deserves love so much. I just want him to being able to move on and find happiness, dammit.


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  1. falbet said: Gosh yes this thank you -__- I really hope he realizes how ridiculous waiting for her forever actually is during season 3. Maybe Sassy Gay Uncle Peter can knock some sense into him XD
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