The most amazing thing happened to me today at NYCC.

After meeting Hoechlin again at Wolfsbane last month and getting him to sign my copy of the Sterek book, I decided to bring it to NYCC so Jeff and Dylan could sign the book too and god, they already knew about it.

What happened is that I first told Jeff who I was and he jumped up and asked for a hug. And let me tell you guys, the rumor is true. He gives the best hugs. :’) We talked about the Sterek Campaign first, about the cookies and the charity auction we’re running right now and surprisingly he was very well updated on it all lol

Then Siny and I gave him a copy of the Sterek book and he already knew about it! The way he talked, I assume he saw the PDF? Anyway, he wouldn’t stop skipping through it with a big smile and commenting on edits and such.

So we showed him Syllirium’s fanart which is very similar to the Sterek scene in 307, and explained it was made before that episode. And he told us the best story. Jeff said that Stiles saw the Sheriff touching Scott’s shoulder when he was upset and that’s how Stiles learned how to comfort people. :’)

Anyway, then Dylan saw the book and shouted “Sterek book!!” and went straight to sign on the cover. But I asked him to pick a page inside instead, which was a very awkward and funny conversation, let me tell you. He said he could fix the cover if I wanted him to. So he licked his finger and tried to rub the sharpie off, which only made it worse. lol It turned into awkward-cute Dylan which is just priceless.

Let me just add that Linden is still fascinating and perfect. He recognized me from wolfsbane, too!! I asked and he said he’s coming next year, btw! Jeff wants to come as well and he’s probably going to the Spanish con, too!

Anyway, I left their personal messages out because my real name is there and well, the messages are /private/ but I hope you guys enjoyed the little story. Today was just perfect. :’)

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